Monday, September 1, 2014

Be Present

I just finished watching "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" for the second time in two days. Why? Because I just had a baby and need to zone out--ironically. Ironic because the movie is about a guy who zones out, and is missing life. I enjoyed it the first time, for the story line, the beautiful images, the idea of traveling and getting away, because I got to snuggle on the couch with the hubster. Today I turned it on because once again I had the need to zone out. However, this time, the movie's themes forced some serious self-reflection. 

Because I am Walter Mitty. Only I'm not 42, and I don't daydream about turning into a two-foot tall old guy. Instead I've just come out of ten months of puking, hormonal pregnancy into my-body-hurts, I-get-no-sleep, can-we-just-stop-eating-so-there-are-no-dishes? And I want to hide in my room with newborn all day.

It's been a rough year. 

Not necessarily with my writing. I am excited to announce my book Going Home (previously titled How Firm) will be coming out with Covenant hopefully in March sometime. I'm also almost through with my second book, and almost ready to begin edits on it. Huge accomplishment for me, since, four years ago I remember not being sure if I could write one book. Now I've written two, with more on the way.

But back to Walter, and his tendency to zone out and miss life. (And he works for a magazine called "LIFE." Such a great movie.) The "ah-ha" moment for me was where he and the photographer Sean are talking in the Himalayas while he is waiting for a snow leopard to appear. The "ghost cat." It's surprising to Walter (and us viewers) that once the leopard makes its appearance Sean doesn't photograph it. It's the perfect shot, once in a life time. But, Sean finds the lens "distracting." He wants to be there fully in the moment. Something that Walter Mitty is often not. It's clear from this short scene that Sean is living life, his goal is to view the world himself, and to experience these beautiful things first hand--not through the lens. 

How often do we daydream about what would make life perfect? Who we could be instead? Or distract ourselves with viewing the world through other's lenses?  Do we think about change, without ever doing anything about it? Walter is full of fears. I am full of fears. Walter is an awesome skateboarder. I am awesome at things. 

So, new goal. Instead of hiding in my room, I'm going to be a part of my family's life more. I'm going to have less distractions and more interactions

And I'm going to try to blog more. 
(I always say that, don't I? Well, I mean it this time!)

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