Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding Point of View and Voice in Fiction

Baby is 8 months old and writing bug is finally starting to overpower the need for sleep. I've been thinking about my latest idea for almost that long and it just won't go away. I've researched, I've mapped out my characters, I know the general plot, but I can't find a voice for it. This is a new experience for me because my last couple books were written because of the voice. I heard how it should sound before I knew what I was going to write. Ironically, this time the book is about music. Too bad it's all visual in my head with no sound system. I've read a lot of books, and the modern trend is first person, or first person present tense. I like those writing styles, but they are starting to feel overdone in my mind. And for my book, the setting is 1790, England and Vienna. I want it to feel true to the period. And while first person present tense works for Philippa Gregory really well in her Elizabethan time period books, I'm not sure if I want to create my book using the same point of view and tense. Mostly because it's becoming so popular.
I think the simplest solution would be to go stay in England a year (okay, well, that would be the coolest, but maybe not simplest.) The quicker and cheaper method would be to research on the internet. So, my search for voice has begun. If anyone has any advice feel free to share!!
Here's what I've found so far:

Very good instruction on how to bring a character closer to the reader through word usage and sentence structure no matter the point of view:

Great sites:

And after all my research I think I would do best to just read a ton of novels and see what I like. Immitation may work best here. And if my character is real, then the pieces will fall together.