Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Nourish & Strengthen" a novel by Maria Hoagland

I have been excited to blog about Maria Hoagland's book Nourish & Strengthen. This book not only entertains like a novel, but I learned so many facts about diabetes I never knew before. Not ever having dealt with diabetes, it really opened my eyes to the misconceptions I have had. I recently had a friend diagnosed with it, and I was happy I could relate to what she was going through simply because I'd read Maria's book.
Although fictional, it is based on Maria's experiences.
Like I said, I've never had diabetes, but I am now a nursing mother who can't eat dairy because it makes poor junior throw up and very very cranky. In the past I have thought "I could never go without..." (you fill in the blank): milk, cheese, cream cheese, chocolate, gluton, wheat, sugar, etc, all those things that can make our body sick. I have even gone so far to think I could never do that for one of my children, it would be so hard.
But then I met Chloe Taylor, trying to control every aspect in her life, from her diabetic husband, to her own failing body, with children, a household to run, playgroups, church and everything in between. My attitude changed as I witnessed her growth. I honestly felt stronger after finishing the book. I felt like if faced with a challenge I could overcome and deal with it.
I guess I was tested with this new little guy, and her book was the first thing I thought of when a change seemed necessary. My situation wasn't as extreme or life threatening (thank goodness!) but all the more inspiring that if Chloe could, I could too.
Thanks Maria, for a truly inspiring book!
If you're interested in learning more, Maria Hoagland has a great blog:

I also read a really well written review by Kathleen Brebes.
Check it out!


  1. Thanks, Robbin, for a great review. I'm sorry to hear you're having some troubles with your little one, but I know you can make it through!

  2. Great review, Robbin, and you're right because I definitely felt stronger after finishing the book!! Thanks for linking back to my blog. : )

    PS Can't wait to read YOUR novel!!